Call for your publishing story submissions!

Have you been published by a publishing company? Did you have a horrible experience that left a bad taste in your mouth with publishing? Or have you had a great experience that you want others to know about?

Our goal with this collaborated effort is to offer light to the publishing field. Those who are struggling with continuing on or those who have been trying to get published should know that they aren’t alone. We are looking for personal stories that others can relate too. Your story will be featured in our upcoming author’s guide to writing book. The working title is “So you wanna be an author?”

It gives a great opportunity to promote your story to those that read this book!

Tell us your name, your book, your publisher and your story.

For publishers and editors that handle submissions at companies, we are looking a few sentences regarding your submission peeves. If authors should know one thing before submitting what would it be? What do authors do when they submit that just gets your goat? This is meant to be fun and informative for authors.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being in the new author hand book compilation written by authors, editors and publishers. This is a fun take on current writer help books. We want to include your horror stories with publishing or your wonderful success stories. It’s all to make light to new and current authors that they are not alone. It’s a fun “advice column” that relates on a personal level. It will give hope to all those who have received heart breaking rejection letters or had a horrible experience with a publishers.

For publishers and editors, please include your peeves in the industry when it comes to submissions, query letters and general author inquires. This is to help explain to the authors what to do and what not to, along with quick ways to get rejected.

We look forward to reading your story!

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A Publisher and Her Books

I just wanted to share a photo with everyone! 


I am so proud to be the owner of this company and to watch come as far as it has.

Even though this year my business partner and I decided to go our separate ways making me sole owner, I am and really always have been the head of this company. This is my pride and my joy. No I’m not making millions, or really anything. Anything the company makes get put back into the company to make it better. 


In one years time, we have published 8 books so far, we have 15 books in total. I have developed relationship with marketing and promotional agents. Two of our books made the list for the Kindle Book Review Awards of 2013 and one of them continued to go on and take top 5 in its category. Fingers crossed for October first we will have an award winning book in our library. In the beginning, I was scared. But my authors have been an amazing help and contribution to how far this company has come in just a year. The strides we have made has been incredible. I can only wonder what this next year will bring for Ink Smith and its new imprint Native Ink Press. We have already filled our calendars up till March 2014! 


To all my readers. Thank you for the love and support! 


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How do you submit a novel?

Every author has a different procedure before submitting to a publisher… at least I assume they do. 

I would love feedback on this blog. I want to know what you do! 

Before submitting do you check out the publishers website especially if you find their submission information on an external source? 

Do you look up their previously submitted novels? 

Absolute Write can be an over opinionated site that can make or break publishers, do you check publisher reviews on more than one review site? 

Do you make sure you have all the submission requirements? 


Just some questions. I would love the feed back. 

At Ink Smith Publishing we have simple guidelines that many times do not get followed. I, being polite, let the person know they need to resubmit according to our guidelines. I do know that many publishers would just reject the books many times with out letting the author know. 

So I ask you. 

What do you do before submitting a novel?



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Constant Changes Are A Good thing…

Of course this title goes well even in our personal lives.

The changes that life brings along can be a good thing or a bad thing. So far the changes in my life, even if they were hard at the time, ended with a good result. Whether it’s changing schools, meeting new friends and losing a few old or suffering and mending a broken heart, change can be for the good.

Why the personal reference? Because I am human. I am a Pisces. We are hopeless romantics, passionate about what we do, creative and driven. I even think I’ve seen a few sites that list us as entrepreneurial, which at the age of 23 and owner of two publishing companies I would have to agree.

With all that being said, I changed up Ink Smith Publishing again. I am always tweaking the website for the better, even if I break it and spend hours trying to fix it. The new website is always better than the last. This is the advantage to me being young. I’m talented and understands how important it is to change.

Ink Smith Publishing now sells books directly from the website! While its about the same price as Amazon, the difference is the pre-orders. Now Ink Smith Publishing will be taking pre-orders for its future near releases. More specifically, I have opened pre-orders for Billy Scarlet, our new young adult pirate adventure novel.

I am always open to advice and critiques. It makes the change even better. Sometimes you can see something that doesn’t work that I can’t.

So with that being said, change is good even if it’s hard right now. Hang on tight, enjoy the ride and see what life has in store for you.


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Query Letter Advice

There are plenty of books and articles on the internet that can help you write a killer cover letter. If you are reading this blog, I highly suggest you also give those a shot after finishing this one.

What is a query letter?

It is usually something required by publishers in order to be considered in their slush pile. Any one can write a cover letter, but a only a few can write cover letters so well to make us want to see their manuscript before finishing the synopsis.

Our most note worthy author to date is Evelyn Harper and her book The Coat.

Her cover letter in the query she had emailed to Ink Smith left us wanting more, and we had only read details about her and her life. As we continued to read on, she had my submission partner and I laughing in stitches. It wasn’t that the story was so perfectly written; it was that she has what it takes to write great query letters.

Many times those rejected off the top of the slush pile are rejected for a few simple reasons. They usually include the following:

  • Wrong genre
  • Did not follow guidelines on the website
  • Did not include anything about themselves in the query
  • It was not well written
  • Painful to read

I cannot stress this enough. Before submitting to any publisher go to their website, read their guidelines and submit accordingly. If a publisher asks for a cover letter to include a little bit about yourself, do it. Make it fun and interesting. Sure, do list your accomplishments, school history and where you have worked; however give the publisher something fun to read, be memorable.

If your synopsis of the book reads slow, it probably won’t keep the editors attention. Why would they read the rest of the story if the synopsis made them went to take a nap. I know I am being harsh, but I am only trying to help.

Keep this in mind for your next submission! I wish you the best in your publishing journey.

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When writing, don’t press that button!

When writing don’t press that button!

Why do I say this? Because I don’t know how or what authors use to write stories, but what I do know is they have the amazing power to do some ingenious formatting styles.

Yes, it is my job to format manuscripts for print, but occasionally I will get a word document that stumps me. I sit there trying to remove the unusable formatting blimp. Sometimes not even the nuke method works! The nuke method is cutting and pasting from a word document to notepad and then into a new word document. Normally this erases all formatting with ease. Save for a few documents where I sit there baffled.

When writing, you should do simple steps. Use automatic indent, do not manually indent. Try not to use header or footer, unless of course the publisher does ask for it. Keep your formatting simple. Understand that italics will be used sparingly, bold letters will be turned to normal and header and footers will be removed.

Of course every publisher does things differently, but know that the basics are there.

Just remember when you are submitting, or have been asked for a manuscript from a publisher to follow their guidelines before submitting. If you don’t it can result in nearly automatic rejection.


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Two Companies. One Family.

Ink Smith Publishing is now the parent company of Native Ink Press.

Logo2Ink smith Publishing is an independent publishing house the handles fiction titles. The genres they publish include but are not limited to fantasy, horror, sci-fi, crime, humor and general fiction. They are currently accepting submissions for the 2014 calendar year. Check out their website at Please follow submission guidelines!




Native Ink Press is the new imprint company that handles non-fiction titles. While the website is a little sparse right now, things should fill up in the coming weeks as they have signed their first author. They publish genres including environmental, self-help, nature, cookbooks, how-to guides, general non-fiction, memoirs, gardening books and more.

Check out their website Please follow their guidelines. They have extensive requirements for a submission that will take time. Not following the guidelines will result in rejection.


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Blogging and Publishing

As I do on the occasion, I talk about Ink Smith Publishing and the troubles I face along the way.

When I post on here, it is for two reasons: To educate future authors on the publishing industry and to give first hand help to those looking to getting their books published.

Of course Ink Smith and the business model behind it is different than other companies. There are things we do that other publishers don’t and things other publishers do that we don’t.

So my post today is a question to any one who reads this. Do you find  my blogs helpful for publishing? Do they shed a positive or negative light on Ink Smith Publishing? Has it kept you from submitting a story to Ink Smith or has it made you want to submit to Ink Smith?

I look forward to your responses.


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Submissions for Novels and Novellas

Ink Smith Publishing has filled up their 2013 calendar. 

They are now taking submissions for the 2014 year. Image

Ink Smith is looking for novels and novellas ranging from fantasy fiction, horror, sci-fi, comedy, genre fiction, young adult, and more. 

Check out their submissions page for more information on how to submit. 

Their site has also been redone. Well, at least I’ve been slaving away at perfecting it. I feel like it’s almost there…. 

Ink Smith is planning on 24 books for 2014. Will yours be one of the few to make it?

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Ink Smith Publishing Book Sale

This weekend we are having a sale on a few of our books. We are reducing our prices to 2.99! 

It’s our first sale. Both us and our authors are very excited. I hope the turn out is huge! We have books ranging from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Comedy. This sale also includes our best seller Scream If You Wanna Go Faster. Check out the book, and go for a ride…


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